"Start with one true thing" - Ernest Hemingway

             B. Hollyman Gallery aims for the true thing. You know it when you see it. In an instant. A fraction of a second. And then it is               gone. Luckily, we have photography to capture part of it.
We specialize in fine contemporary photography and work to highlight emerging and established photographers both domestically and internationally. Our curatorial interests are eclectic, experimental, and wide-ranging.
In an age of Instagram and billions of daily images, we care deeply about serious collectors and are active in educating the public about the joys of collecting fine photography. We strive to make it accessible to all, working closely with both beginning collectors as well as seasoned ones.
 Burnes Saint Patrick Hollyman, gallery owner and curator, grew up in a family of photographers and filmmakers. He  was exposed to many of his parents’ colleagues who were some of the 20th. century's photography great masters of photography. His mother, Jean Burnes Hollyman, led a distinguished photographic career from 1938 through the 1980s in fashion and editorial. His father, Thomas Benton Hollyman, was a successful photojournalist and led a storied career from 1936-1975. His sister, Stephenie Hollyman, is also well known, having photographed all over the world for decades, and has published several fine photographic books. His stepmother, Audrey Bingham Hollyman, was a well-known “super-agent” in New York City for Norman Parkinson, the photographer for the British Royal Family. Despite attending the N.Y.U Film School, Burnes decided early on that the world didn't need yet another photographer or film-maker from his family and opened a photo gallery instead.