Acquiring fine photography should be easy and not complicated...


Purchasing Work We Represent

There are a number of ways we make collecting fine photography easy for you. We want you to live with and own fine photographs and we will work with you to make that happen. Please call us directly if you have any questions at all.

Web-based Acquisition

The first way is through web-based sales on this site. Simply page through the images you like and hit the "Purchase Info" button to the right of the image. WE will contact you and discuss your inquiry and interests.

Gallery Credit Card Processing

We also accept most credit cards the old fashioned way: with credit card sales. You may do this in either in our gallery or over the telephone. We do not hold any credit card information once the sale has gone through.


We also accept checks and cash and will provide you with traditional invoicing, should you elect this arrangement.

Time Payment Plans

One of the art world's greatest held and most wonderful secrets is buying a piece of art with a time payment plan. We would be happy to make arrangements with you. We do this for both large and smaller transactions so don't hesitate to ask.

On Approval,  For Interior Designers and Architects

We work with interior designers  and architects to make their consultative activities with their clients easy. We provide private consultations and viewings and also make works available for viewing and placement in the setting in which it will live possible on approval for 30 days. This provides designers with the maximum amount of flexibility in working with their clients while allowing a work to "live" in a new space before final acquisition. We also will actively work to acquire collections for clients, if they so desire.